Saturday, April 15, 2017

More 3D Modeling!

    Continuing my splash work for TV-Nihon, I decided to do one in Blender instead of using Photoshop.
    I feel like this represents the start of a turn into more advanced 3D modeling for me.  I hadn't done much with Blender in quite a while--mostly animating the Walking Death in ABYDOS and making fan work with 3D models from games--but here, I feel like I stepped into a newer era of 3D modeling by constructing more complete background scenes with image textures and objects created from the ground up. 

    Made near the end of 2016, this still uses Blender's internal rendering engine, which is basically obsolete, so the picture's lighting isn't nearly photorealistic, but it does use image textures to a far greater degree than it'd been done in much of my earlier work, which helps add more realism and distract from other things like the number of commas I put into this sentence. 

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Preliminary Script is Complete!

    Finally, my work on the first draft on the ABYDOS sequel is done!  The only problem is that it's over twice the length of the original's script, and I'm not hoping for a 40+ minute long movie, so there may be a bit of work yet to be done.  However, I'm hoping to involve input from the rest of the creative team--an advantage that, while I'd also used it for the first film, I hadn't been using to nearly the same degree.  That said, I've also done some more work with Blender, which I'd love to share soon! 

Ignore the Lights. 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

We're Scripting!

    I'm happy to announce that I'm currently scripting ABYDOS II!  I'm seeing several possibilities and am connecting several dots on how the movie will work.  So far, one struggle seems to be balancing a more massive story and scale while keeping it around the length of the original ABYDOS.  That said, so far the script's looking quite promising so far; I'm definitely looking forward to filming it!

    Ignore the Lights.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

We've Started Planning!

The entire ABYDOS crew (all four) have begun to collaborate and talk about work on ABYDOS II!  The project's planned to be a lot more collaborative than the first one, and it's also planned to not only explain the numerous questions in the original (some planned, some plotholes), but also to have a lot more in the way of character-driven moments and a stronger story itself.  As well, I've figured out several ways to up the ante on the effects, including a primitive alternative to motion tracking.  I'm definitely looking forward to making it, as well as getting some making-of videos up!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Presenting: More Splashes!

The college semester rages on, but I'm still not dead!  (Actually, it's not going all too badly.)  Anyway, I've been doing more PhotoShop work for TV-Nihon, the fansubbing group I mentioned earlier!

So a new Rider series is coming out, and even though I personally think the main character looks really considerably garish, I decided to see what I could do anyway!  

The first, pixelated one was based on the idea that (a) the series is partially based on video games (yes, I know) and (b) stylizing the image could distract the eye from the messiness of the suit in general.  Unfortunately, the reviewer noted, the pixelation made it look a bit less pleasant than it could otherwise be, so I updated it with a less pixelated version!  In case anyone's wondering how I pixelated the image, I just scaled the image to a really small size in PhotoShop, then scaled it back up with the upscale set to "Hard Edges."

The background itself is from a preset from After Effects (Animations > Backgrounds > Green Crystals) with the colors under "tritone" changed.  Also notably, I gave the Rider an elbow (the image cut it off, as you can see more clearly in the pixelated version) by making a mask around his arm that was shaped like an elbow (two layers, actually--one was feathered and went over the arm to make it look like it was supposed to be there, and another that wasn't feathered and therefore could provide an actual edge for the elbow).  Finally, I made the colors of the rider and logo less intense by putting a layer over it that made it look sepiatoned, then made the layer transparent, so the rider/logo were just a little bit sepiatoned.

Now to move on to a different splash page for Ghost (which has just wrapped up by this writing) in what may be my most beautiful splash yet:

By "beautiful" I don't necessarily mean "well done," but what I mean is that my previous splashes (even ones for lighter series) had used a lot of darker colors (in fact, they rarely had a background beyond black), so I decided to change that around with this picture.  I set up a transparent gradient in front of the background (the clouds + logo, which is the title screen for the show itself) for the effect, and I feel like a graphic design class helped with some of the other details (particularly the relationship between the color/placement of the text and the background gradient/other riders' colors).  In case you couldn't tell, the transparent object in the center is the main rider's final form, in the middle of a now-iconic flying kick. 

Monday, August 22, 2016

Abydos is Completed!

After over a year of work, I'm finally done--and just in time, too, as my new college semester starts soon!

This is by far my most ambitious video project to date, with both my After Effects and my Blender skills used to a much farther extent than anything I'd done before.  Aside from its technical aspects, there was a lot of acting, scripting, and even voiceover dialogue to an extent that my family's never tried before. 

This took quite a bit of doing, and I can't wait to post about how it was made!  For now, let it be said that there was a lot of masking.  That said, there will be making of videos, and I'm hoping for a sequel!  I already have several ideas for new technical improvements...

Ignore the Lights.  

Monday, August 8, 2016

Effects Work on ABYDOS is Complete!

As of now, all the special effects and video editing is finished on ABYDOS!  All that's left are some voiceovers, which are more than halfway done, but after that the project is essentially finished!  I should be able to have a trailer out by the end of the month.  In the meantime, here's an official poster!