Monday, January 19, 2015

I Was Bored in Photoshop Class One Day, Sooo...

I decided to see what Bionicle would look like in live-action!
 Does anyone else want to not see a movie of this?  Because I'm not making a movie of this.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

College 2014: Final Assignment

Finally! Now I have all my assignments on the blog before my next semester starts!

My last assignment was an interesting one divided into five parts:

Step 1: Make a Photoshop composition.  Here it is:

Step 2: Take the previous project, take it a little bit further, and save it separately.  I decided to use the "painting" technique, only on different parts of different layers.

Step 3:  Take product #2 and take it even further, saving it in a similar fashion. 

Step 4: Go back to #1 and (how did you guess?) take it further, this time in a different direction.  

Finally, step 5 (am I detecting a pattern here?): Take #4 and modify it somewhat, saving it as #5.

I used masks and the clone tool + spot healing brush tool for most of the modification, although for #5 I used two tricks I learned from a seminar by Dr. Will Hammond (the Will Hammond who invented masking in Photoshop!): Copying parts of the background onto new layers and giving them drop shadows (the sky) and the Refine Edge Tool (for making the giant figure more apparently behind the background trees).  My teacher approved these too, which means that I am done with my class! 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

College: Artistic Selfies Part II

I now present... live action selfies!  All the monsters were done using Maya, which I don't know much about how to do, but some experimentation made the look work.  I did the energy beams in two layers: first, make a new layer, select a triangular shape (I did it using the polygonal lasso tool) and color it white with the brush tool, then make another layer (Shift+Ctrl+N) and place it under the first layer.  After that, go to the brush tool, set the hardness to zero and choose a color and paint on the white part!
      These are the other two artistic selfies I did for my (now complete) college class, and the second, "Dimensional Shift," was accepted into and was shown in a student art convention my college held!  There's a lot I've been doing (mostly with Photoshop and After Effects), and I can't wait to get it all on the blog!  I'll try to post a bit more frequently until then.  Bye for now!