Wednesday, July 16, 2014


This is it.  Do you remember when one year ago, I said that I had something big under plans?  Something involving both live action and computer animation?  Well, it's been one year.  I've gotten a considerable bit better--both at the plots and the animation.  After a lot of planning, I've decided to do something about it.  As I was at the Mediterranean Sea for a week without internet, Blender was my primary computer priority.  And here is the first scene:

This is the only scene I've rendered so far, though it's one of my most professional-looking, in my opinion.  Also my first animation to be rendered at Full HD, we can see a futuristic city zooming to an important-looking building...

This will be one of many brief scenes I'll show before releasing the premier (yet to be recorded).  I'm having big ideas about this.  As usual, you can leave any comments in the comments!  I'm leaving for America soon, to I'll be able to do better animation from there.  Bye for now and I hope to post again soon! 

Advancing Some?

Since my Hawaii video, I've decided to pretend to widen my budget, although as I'm currently on my laptop in the middle of Spain, my budget is if anything lowered.  However, I've noticed that one factor in great CGI is moving cameras, so I've since decided to utilize that.  I've combined this with MakeHuman, a character creation suite (it Makes Humans).  I've ended up with a brief animation mostly intended as a test for cinematography and MakeHuman bone rigging (movement) or else a brief scene in some longer animation:

 I can't seem to get the character to walk forward from the bones alone, but that'll only take work and time.  Also in progress is to figure out how to make the people affected by gravity--it works for "cloth" effects, but not for the actual objects and people (as you can see, the foot is actually in the air as the person is taking a step). However, I've decided to try and "do more" with my animation and get more complex.